Our systems for service paging help staff quickly serve guests by notifiying them when food orders are ready to be delivered.


Replaces the bell”


By reduced ways your employees have more time for guests and they can be sure that they won't miss an order.


  Improve the guest experience

  Your staff members are quietly notified when the food is ready and they are able to deliver food quickly.

  The staff won't miss orders or deliver food that has been sitting out.

  Empower your staff

  Our pagers lead your employees and they ensure a better organization.

  Thus your staff members are less stressed and the operation atmosphere is better - your guests will notice! 

  Increase productivity

  Staff paging limits the time waiters spend waiting for orders in the kitchen area.  

  Thus staff members are able to use their time more wisely tending to costumers.


Your staff gains over 10% more time!