Coaster Call 2.0 PRO

Our Bestseller is now even better! 

The new Coaster Call generation, RX-CS7, impresses by a modern, slim design with a digital number display and a smooth surface. Wide rubber frame and rounded corners transform the device into a stronger and more robust device which is better protected in case of drop down. This makes the device a long lasting pager for your business! Because of its adjustable LED colors it offers you several combinations. Together with our LOGO-Service you can now personalize your pager even more. The available LED colors are red, blue, green, white and multicolor. 


Naturally the new pagers are compatible to all the other LRS systems. 




Coaster Call 2.0 PRO Light

Our RX-CS6 Pager is a inexpensive alternative to our CS7 Pager.

This model comes with a number label instead of a number display and it is only available with red LED's. 



RX-AC-CS - Smoked Alpha Coaster

Our standard model in the Alpha Pager version. 

Alphanumeric messages can be sent directly to the pager. In this way it is possible to notify people efficiently.