Let your business grow with Table Tracker!


Fast casual restaurants understand the importance 

of delivering food quickly.


Our Table Tracker does not only help restaurants to deliver

a better guest experience, it also enables a more efficiently


  Faster food delivery

  Provide the experience customers demand.

  Faster food delivery means warmer food and worry-free guests.

  Enhanced productivity

  Give your employees the tools they need to succeed.

  Be smarter about scheduling and use your team's time more efficiently.

  Analytics & Reporting

  Measure delivery times to identify pain points and improve your operation and performance.




When an order is ready, food runners know exactly where guests are sitting. The color indicates which orders are late.


Table Tracker collects important data so restaurant managers know how they're performing over time and across multiple locations.


Table Tracker enables not only a faster service, it's also the perfect device to manage your restaurant even better and it helps to increase your sales.

In this way new concepts become possible, but the usage remains easy.




At the table our Table Tracker operates without any electricity or connection.

The assignment takes place very accurate so that the food runner knows exactly where to go. No more wandering around and shouting in the dining area! 


The technology of Table Tracker is convincing! It's weatherproof and operates even at sub-zero temperatures.

Therefore Table Tracker is suitable for the usage in outdoor areas.


The RF-ID function allows different ways of installation as well - find the one that suits you best!